Post surgical followup

X-ray taken….with Addyson’s Favorite Xray tech. Addyson and the tech share the same birthday and the tech has been there for some of Addyson’s other procedures. The tech remembered her right away. Addyson always tells her that she stole her birthday, I keep trying to tell Addyson I think she stole the tech’s (since she is older) addyson said nope she took flag day, she took mine 🙂

They are scheduling her for the next surgery. This should be the final one.  They will remove the bad part of the colon and insert the cecostomy button. They said w her spunk they are expecting her to be in patient 5-7 days. Not sure why every surgeon can see Addyson “spunk” as soon as they meet her 😊. Here are the answers we have:

  • Limited physical activity for up to 6wks
  • Ng tube will be inserted
  • The only diet restriction for after surgery will be her gerd diet
  • What we have been doing at home is not effectively working through colon
  • Estimated inpatient stay ~6 days (due to spunk level)

Once we have a date we will let you know 

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