Today went hectic

So from 2-4 today everything went hectic between Ethens dentist appointment (thanks mom and dad) then Ethens doctors visit and then a million phone calls between school and surgeon and hospital teacher. Trying to get everything figured out after they told us she may be getting admitted Monday. 

Here’s what we know:

  • We will know by tomorrow if she is getting admitted Monday 
  • If so surgery will be Tuesday 
  • If cecostomy button comes out we must call 911
  • No contact sports for 6-12weeks 

Then I go to Ethens pediatrician appointment him and I talk through Ethens stuff then he asked about Addyson. I update him. Asked is genetics was still needed he said yes. Then we got to joking about Addyson and her craziness and he joked that Addyson will rock recovery get discharged early then get home and pull out the cecostomy button and get an ambo ride back to Hopkins. I chuckled because I can see it now but said please no. Let’s not have that happen. He said it would be Addyson though our pediatrician knows her so well! 

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