Busy day

Today we have three appointments at three different hospitals

The first appointment was for addyson. Post surgery appointment and X-ray. She was a bit saddened not to see Emily her favorite tech. She told her tech the last two times I haven’t had my favorite tech. They asked her who her favorite was. She told them the one who shares my birthday, Emily. They went and got her. Emily came in smiling “yay my birthday buddy” they are too cute together. Needless to say Emily stayed w addyson for her whole X-ray.

Addyson did have a granuloma under her cecostomy tube so they used nitrate to remove it and readjusted the tube. Her colon function is not where they want it to be yet so we are doing a clean out and readjusting flushes amount per flush and amount of flushes per day. We go back on the 29th.

Addyson received her song of love today

Ethens appointment was with orthopedics at kki. It went well. They noted his hyper mobility. We will monitor pain and check back in w them should the need arise.

Now off to the last appointment of the day.

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