So this week and last have been kinda quiet but we have learned a lot. We have learned what granulomas look like and when to vent. We have a better feeling of the cecostomy tube.

Addyson attended her first swim party since surgery. She wore a two piece. She was a little worried at first but rocked it and so did her amazing friends. She has let her coach learn to vent should she need it at practice (thx coach for jumping right in) 🙂

This week coming up we have orthopedic, genetics and post op appointment. Hoping to get some more answers.

To those who think addyson looks different with her tube we think she is the same amazing girl she was before. We are proud of her and are embracing her scars. We are teaching her that her scars make her strong and courageous. The tube is not anything to be ashamed of. You need it and it’s here to help you. We want her to stand tall and be proud of herself. Thanks to everyone who has helped over the past month.

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