One month post op

Here we are one month post op. Surgeon is overall happy w her progress. We are adding in meds by mouth which was not the plan but he is hoping we can eventually stop those and go back to just the flushes and venting. Venting seems to be her current problem. She needs a lot of venting. She has a bag now that she carries all the time so we can vent anytime-anywhere.

The surgeon thinks it’s just taking longer for her colon to start functioning at the new “normal”. Her energy level is definitely back and he said she can return to sports, although he said please be careful. Haha we will try to contain her as much as possible.

We have ordered her mic key button (had no idea that it had to be ordered through a g tube supplier) we have the button switch for January 24th and will take 2-5hrs. They will insert the new tube then she will go to radiology to check for leakage.

They are hoping that the new tube helps to keep the granulomas away.

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