Addyson’s 1st day back at the gym post surgery

Addyson was beyond excited to return to tumbling today. She did amazing and her tube stayed in. Guess it is in there better than it seems. She is so happy to be returning to her normal activities. She has had amazing coaches along the way helping her to ease back into cheer and tumbling. They have been there to spot her if need be but far enough away to let her have independence. They have stopped to vent her or flush her when needed. They have been more than just a coach! They have learned more about medical complexities than most, they have learned acronyms of different diseases and tubes. They have offered to be trained in putting her tube back in so if it falls out at practice we as parents don’t have to be fearful of her cecostomy spot closing before we get back.

Addyson was thrilled to be back with her tumbling coach. She laughed tonight and said I think coach Billy was really worried about my tube. She said he kept asking if I was okay. 😊. She said he let me tumble though just like normal. She said like before my surgery. I think she loves that people are adjusting to her and her tube and now see it as normal for her.

So many people have stepped in to help us figure out our new normal. Thank you

#thankyou #addysonstrong

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