10wks post surgery

10weeks post surgery. A week and a half before permanent tube gets placed. It’s great to see addyson back at school. She’s almost back to 100% but then today to watch her hurt while trying to tumble and to see another granuloma growing and to watch her limp due to stomach pain is hard. Three steps forward and two back every time. She is strong. We will get there but this surgery definitely isn’t a quick recovery. These kids face years of difficult times. Addyson is an AMAZING, strong girl but today she was afraid of her tube and that breaks my heart. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m hoping her pain isn’t as bad.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way. To all the new moms I have met on the support group page. Thank you. You all are amazing with your guidance love and support. To everyone who has jumped in to help us find supplies or just lend and ear, thank you. We appreciate all of it.

To everyone who has listened to our issues with getting the permanent tube thank you. That was been such a nightmare. Just having you all to vent to as been wonderful.

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