Iep day

Here is our recap of the day. We met with Ethens school social worker. That was a very productive meeting. She sees him weekly and we feel she has a good understanding of him. Our Iep meeting was interesting and we are hopeful that we have the team heading in the right direction. The data today was eye opening but accurate. As a parent the data can be hard to see but we will use this data to help him get the aids needed to be successful.

Addyson has been doing okay. Her button looked great for a few days. She has been having some drainage issues with it. Overall it is way better than it was. She is still having issues w confidence when it comes to tumbling without her button being wrapped and this momma forgot to wrap her before practice šŸ™ oops. I don’t know how to get her stomach to stop hurting so she can participate in her team sports more. She has really good days then some rough days and she doesn’t want to let her team down. It’s a fine line.

Some days I just feel deflated with everything we have going on. Yet today I was reminded by one of Ethens team members that we are doing the best we can. We have helped him get to the mainstreamed classroom w supports. He is in mainstreamed classes for the entire day. They commended us for that. Moments of feeling defeated definitely still come even though we can see success if we look back.

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