Warrior beads

Addyson received her warrior beads today in the mail from @1boy4change. She was so happy to string them tonight. She is missing some because her count for the services was wrong on the application (haha I was trying to count off the top of my head). She has beads for ambulance rides, echo, eeg, Iv pokes, nights in hospital, X-rays, surgeries, ng tubes, g tubes, npo, seizures and more. None of these are things we wanted her to have. We wouldn’t wish the reoccurring hospital trips and blood drawls on anyone. We wish she didn’t have to miss over 16 days of school this year alone. We are so very thankful for everyone single one of you who have checked in on us, came to visit her, sent care packages, joined us for clinic appointments, etc. thank you to those who have learned how to flush her colon. Thanks to those who have listened about our issues with insurance, our fear over medical decisions and they setbacks. In a life we wished was easier for addyson, We appreciate you! 💕

these beads are her way to seeing every battle she faced, every victory she overcame, every roadblock placed that she knocked down. It shows the warrior is she and I’m glad she will have this as her visual reminder of her strength

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