How…can someone explain

Since Surgery addyson has complained of hip pain. First diagnosis was bursitis. We were told if it continues see orthopedic. When it continued we saw ortho. We were told it could be bursitis, it should die down. Well then it would come and go so we contributed it to her colon being full. Well guess what I get more records today from that office visit and it says diagnosis: Cox’s Valga. Why were we not informed? So confused …makes me ? Drs

But then I get an email from our coordinator at the g tube supply company we have been working with and she has gone above and beyond her duties. She has shown more care and concern than the surgeon.

Coxa valga is a deformity of the hip where the angle formed between the head and neck of the femur and its shaft is increased, usually above 135 degrees. It is caused by a slipped epiphysis of the femoral head.

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