Thinking of so many

We have so many kids and families we know of right now that are facing medical challenges. I just wanted to stop for a minute and say that we are thinking about each and every one of you.

We are hoping that Connor gets some relief soon and that his stay at Hopkins will not last too long. Connor you are in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day. Tricia you have been my lifesaver through Addyson’s journey since Surgery. We are here if you need anything!!!

Kayden….your our hockey family. Oh how we have grown to love our hockey family. Seeing them every Saturday is just a sense of belonging. We fit. The kids click. They are all able to be themselves with no concern about their uniqueness. It’s a freedom we have never had when dealing with ethen and sports. It’s truly a 2nd family. These people have supported us through so much over the past year and we just wanted to say we are here for you and hope that tomorrow you get better news. Your hockey family is here to support you!!

Our Cheer family…I hope everyone feels better soon. The amount of sicknesses this squad has had to battle against has been a record breaking season but you girls keep pushing!! Best of luck next weekend at reach the beach comp! You all can do it!

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