The bond between siblings

I just recently read this article: and it hit home. Having a child with a disability is emotionally hard on the sibling as well as the parents. We have seen how Ethen having autism has shaped Addyson. She knows his ticks and offers reassurance when needed without prompts. We were out of town this past weekend and Ethen wanted to push the elevator buttons, handicap buttons, etc, Addyson just lets him. She knows it’s his thing, she says no Ethen I want too, but then gives up her turn anytime for him. While this can be fustrating at times, she will do whatever she can to make him smile. She knows him, she knows this small thing makes him happy. She watched him get out of the pool and not want to walk on the ground and have his wet swimsuit stuck to his legs, she saw it and without prompting, she took him a towel. She really does know her brother and his quirks, while also knowing how to distract him and make him laugh when he’s upset. She gets him, she knows he is different than some and that he gets upset easily but this is her brother and this is how he has always been so to her, this is just  normal. She too has medical complexities and that makes this parenting gig a little more complicated. Not only are we explaining autism to her but we also have to explain Addysons conditions to a child who has autism and that sometimes is more difficult. Ethen however, has welcomed Addyson and her tube, while I don’t think he fully understands what Addyson’s medical problems are he will sit with her while she does her flushes and keep her entertained. It has been interesting raising two kids with very different needs, but to watch them bond even with all that is going on is amazing!

One thought on “The bond between siblings

  1. They get their goodness and heart from their surroundings. They see and acknowledge albeit without saying your struggles . They love you and you them and that has made them thriving children regardless of their needs. ❤️


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