Did it work or not?

was addysons surgery successful or not? Well this is a difficult question to answer. In the sense of the surgeon performing a resection, reattaching the good ends and inserting a cecosotmy yes! Was that all effective…. We are 5 1/2 months out and so far that answer is no. She hasn’t had one fantastic image yet. She hasn’t had one month where the protocol hasn’t changed. But today was the first time he looked at me and said don’t worry yet, but we are definitely trending the wrong way post surgery. This is not what we were hoping to hear. We will continue with the new protocol and go back in a few weeks. We will see what that image shows but at this point we are holding our breath that Boston can figure this out. Someone asked about removing the cecosotmy since its not effective. The thing is right now at least we have that tool, without it we are 100%sure she would be in a worse state because even with it she has a mega colon and is full. Our hands might be tied but we have not given up. We are continuing to push forward and look for answers.

If addyson can smile big so can we!!

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