Beads of courage sibling program

Ethen loves his beads of courage he received through their sibling program. He has seen Addyson with her beads and he ways wanted a set. Now he has one and each bead in Hus set has its own special meaning. Beads for being independent when we are away w addyson or for being compassionate to her with her medical journey. He loved receiving them and we love that their is a way to have the siblings join each other through this journey

2 thoughts on “Beads of courage sibling program

  1. With the sibling program, what kinds of things are beads awarded for? One of my 2y/o boys has leukemia and is collecting beads of courage from the hospital. I’m trying to determine if buying the sibling kit would be beneficial for his twin brother.


    1. Our son got the sibling kit. It had things like courage for being separate from her- one for being brave for watching her go through everything. It was neat. He enjoyed it


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