Schedule for Boston

We have the schedule from BOSTON for next week.

18-20 MAY

Full GI Prep Clean out: 1000 flush daily plus GOLTYLY Clean out via Pump

21 MAY
1pm clinic appointment, then she gets admitted for full GI clean out. She must be clean liquids only for this full day.

22 MAY

She will go to the O.R. around 730 – should be about 2 hours. She will have the following procedures

Anorectal Manometry




Colonic Motility Probes Placed

and Cecostomy tube changed

After recovery she will move to the Motility Center for the 1st day of motility testing (she will be bed restricted).

23 May
If all is going well….we move onto day 2 of motility testing (Again, bed restricted).
24 May
Get discharged…..10pm flight home!!!!
***They advised me that this could change. This is going to be one draining week for Addyson but we know that these are tests that she needs to continue to find a treatment plan that works better for her.
We had a few people ask about sending her stuff from the Gift Shop. Boston Children’s Gift Shop Information is below. I will post her room information on FB once we are checked in on Monday. TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY will be the roughest.

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