Update post o.r.

We still have 8hrs if testing and 6-8hrs tomorrow but we did get some information already from this mornings procedures.

  • Her cecostomy tube was changed out
  • She lost a tooth in the o.r. (2nd time she has had a trip to the o.r. resulting in a tooth fairy visit)
  • Colonoscopy was done. Looked good
  • Biopsies were taken.
  • Endoscopy looks good. we will continue with her cimetidine dosage
  • Motility probes were placed.
  • She currently is doing her 1st day of the 6-8hr motility test. She will have another long day tomorrow

So far the surgeon said that he sees a defect in her colon and he wants an mri of her spine because there is a condition that affects gi and spines in this way and he wants to rule that out.

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