Adding 1 more to our team

Today Addyson met a new doctor. She met with a psychologist who specializes in helping kids with medical trauma or complex medical needs. She talked with just me for a few minutes. We discussed where we need assistance:

  • letting Addyson know it’s okay to be frustrated about the tube yet we need to keep using it.
  • Teaching her strategies for when kids or adults say something not so polite about her tube
  • Helping her to understand people asking questions is ok, people being rude is not.
  • That mommy and daddy only take her to the doctors for help. Sometimes that results in poking and prodding, and for that we are sorry.

The psychologist then spoke to Addyson. I heard her laughing with the Dr. When she came out I didn’t ask her much buy she said mommy that Dr said I can call her anytime. She said she gave me some good comebacks for when a kid is mean to me. She said the one she likes best is “my tube makes me special what makes you special?” She said the doctor taught her that it then turns the question around to the other child. She said she likes that because she knows everyone is special in their own way. Then she told the Dr how her brother has autism and needs help in school w social cues so she helps him read emotions. You know like the emotion cards. The Dr laughed. She came out and said you have a wonderful child who has had some crappy medical cards land in her journey since birth but it hasn’t changed Addyson from being amazing. She said your daughter cares so much. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Drvivng home Addyson said mom I will wear crop tops and shorts and two piece swimsuits until the world understand cecostomies. I admire her guts!

#youwillchangetheworld #cecostomy #johnshopkins #kidsfightingbigbattles

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