Making memories

We spent today making memories. We went to gooseberry falls and let the kids put their feet in the water! It’s cold water up north but Addyson doesn’t care. She just wants her toes in the water. She is definitely a summer baby. Her stomach as been blathering so she she asked to flush twice today. So we did 1000 this morning and another 500 tonight. The hotel doesn’t have a rod right next to the toilet so luckily we brought her longest extension so that plus the gravity bag length is enough to reach from shower to toilet. We brought our own hanger just Incase their shower didn’t have the right shower curtain hooks. Addyson told us the other night how happy she is that she has made friends in the pool and no one has commented on her tube! I have reached out to her psychologist so she can help explain the visit in August, Addyson keeps voicing how she doesn’t want to go. Deep down she knows she has to go but we are letting her voice her feelings and then trying to explain to her how it’s a needed appointment. She seems to have really connected with her psychologist so we will keep having her help us guide these discussions. All of Addyson’s doctors have told us to do the fun stuff on the good days and rest and chill on the rough days so that’s what we are doing. We are hoping that a special girl in Hopkins gets a surprise of a lifetime and praying for a friend of a friends girl who had surgery today. Another friend has an upcoming surgery in August. We are hoping this helps him continue to grow and keep his strength. Another friends son should be getting a new clinical trial med this month. We are praying for them daily!

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