Yet again…

Yet again we had to face another X-ray today for Addyson which resulted in a at home clean out via the pump. This isn’t our first rodeo….yet we pumped this weekend with golytly so we hoped to not need it today. Our surgery team talked to us today and said that they are relying on gi to assist because they are out of options at this point. Gi was scheduled for the 14th at Hopkins and the 10th at chop. He was able to get gi at Hopkins to see us on July 31st however we have not had a great relationship with this gi as she told us Addyson didn’t have a motility disorder and didn’t need Boston. 🙁 she was wrong.

In typical Addyson fashion is likes to remind us she is in charge and somehow while pumping her tube became disconnected and she fed the couch with her pump. Luckily only for a minute before she came running and said I’m leaking liquid. Haha that girl 😂 we got it all cleaned up, rather quickly!

My mom and dad took Addyson for her X-ray today as randy and I were at work. She went in for the X-ray by herself! 💚 she is a strong girl. She holds herself together so well. She loves to help cheer up her other Hopkins friends. She is #addysonstrong. Thank you to all of you who are there to listen, help and support us. Today I felt like the motility disorder beat us up. Tomorrow is a new day.

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