Long day at CHOP

Today was a long day at chop (Childrens hospital of Philadelphia). No real answers yet but at least a dr that is trying to figure this all out. He is planning a day of more test (a bunch of test, but all in 1 day). These test are needed for a good treatment plan. Dr Boyle spent time listening to our concerns and what we are looking to achieve. He actually even said he is trying to find a way for us to get out of everyday flushes!!!! (That would be amazing). He is going to redo one of the test that Addyson absolutely hates but he told us that he feels it is vital so we will do it one last time. He has some ideas on what is going on but isn’t willing to discuss too much with us until he can confirm his thoughts. Overall a very long day but worth the trip to see such a caring doctor. I’m not 100% sure how we are going to make the traveling back and forth work but we will know more after the next visit

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