Remember to celebrate small victories

This weekend we spent time with the family. Yesterday we had cheer for Addyson then Ethen’s adaptive sports. He had some small minor issues and decided to sit down. But in less than 5 mins he was up and playing again. He used to sit out and refuse to rejoin. He rejoined quickly and sat down by himself before it escalated to an issues. I spoke to the vice principal at his school the other day after an incident. She said he is a smart sweet boy who had used words multiple times before he needed more support to stop the issue with another student. She said he handled the whole situation remarkably well. way to go Ethen! At cheer he sat with other parents while I helped coach and he stayed put. He listened and sat! So while we sometimes forget to stop and remember the small things today I am so very proud of him this weekend.

#autismadventure #smallwins

Oh and Addyson had an amazing flush today. We will win against you (stupid crappy motility)


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