Wow….in just a little over 24hrs Addyson has had 4 appointments some of which were major. We are still waiting on some important results. We also found out that the pain management clinic agreed that she has functional abdominal pain disorder or chronic pain disorder on top of everything else. They said this will be life long. We are adding in some other therapies and weighing the risk of another trip to the operating room. He explained to us how cutting her during surgery and then closing causes nerves to send faulty signals and that we have to retrain her brain to ignore the bad signals. We will try visceral manipulation and cransiosacral therapy to help with the pain while weighing the options of the abdominal block injection. At the end of the day we are glad to have the pin management team on our side and her psychologist is going to be playing a huge role in her life. We will be seeing her much more often to try to really help Addyson adjust with some things and learn to cope with new appointments.

She is tough. She is Addyson strong Here is a song I came across that is perfect


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