MRI results

Today we received Addyson’s dynamic mri results. They were not the best but not the worst. They showed that there is another issue going on which explains why her cecostomy isn’t working 100%. Her Gi wants to talk to her surgical team to see if they can all agree on a way forward. We are always waiting to see if her doctor at chop agrees with the way forward HOPKINS is recommending. We are also reaching out to her psychologist to work with her because the way forward could involve up’ing her biofeedback/pelvic pt therapy to week or even twice a week. Our goal for 2019 was to decrease appointments to help Addyson with her current medical trauma. We will need to discuss next steps as a team. I am honestly not sure what the best path forward is. We could do twice a week therapy and still have a failed cecostomy. And this doesn’t include all her other appointments. We hope to hear back from her team this week on a way forward.

I am glad that we did the test. At least we know that there is something going on. No more guessing. There is a definite answer.

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