Appointment for pectus excavatum

today we saw a surgeon to discuss Addysons pectus excavatum. He said she definitely has it and that we need to follow up with pulmonary and cardiology to evaluate lung and heart function. He said he cannot surgically fix it until she’s at least 13 due to bone structure. He said it will not go away but will either stay how it is or will get worse. He said sometimes even with the surgical route kids still suffer from chest pain and pulmonary issues.

Addyson got to see her friend Sofia today at clinic! (Her highlight of the day). Some gracious donor dropped off gifts for the kids at clinic today. Addyson said she loves the surprise gift and that people are so kind. 💕

Driving to her appointment today we saw a lady sitting on the side of the road with paramedics around her. Addyson said I hope that lady is okay and people please stop beeping your horns a lady is hurt. She called her daddy and said I hope your having a great day because we have seen a lady hurt, ppl driving like crazy, some mean person stole mommy’s debit card info and the parking at the hospital is crazy squished.

We also saw Santa walking down the street. She said he’s fake though because he has a cotton ball beard 😂 however she thought it was super fun!

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