Just a morning with addyson

Addyson truly likes to worry me. Something about her just scares me. She is always fine one minute then not fine. She likes to go from one extreme to the other and it terrifies me. She was just watching tv this morning all calm and peaceful then she said I’m gonna throw up. We told her get to the toilet. She did. She got there she was clammy and pale. White as a ghost. Even her lips had lost color. Randy was sitting there w her. I went to get thermometer. No fever. She never got sick but asked for her flush. We did it. By the time she was half way through the flush her coloring started coming back. She then said she felt much better. I’m trying really hard to follow her flush protocol that was just changed but this morning she looked and felt bad. It was the worst I’ve seen her look In a long time.

The rest of the day we just relaxed and she seems to be doing ok. It was just so random and fast

One of addysons good friends got admitted today. We are thinking about her and plan to go visit her in the next day or two.

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