Love this girl and her huge heart

wow what a busy weekend. We had a cheer competition in Lancaster. The girls did AMAZING!! Best performance score ever!!! Then Randall and I attended a gala for the Hopkins motility fund. Due to Hopkins not having a pediatric motility center families are left traveling to find one. To have one at Hopkins would be great. After that Addyson and her friend Sofia had pre surgical play date (at a kid spa) since they both have o.r. Visits coming up in February. And after all that addyson said can I please cut my hair today and donate it to children with hair loss so that’s what we did! She has such a huge heart. She has done this twice and gets so excited each time. I have an email from her dr at chop asking us to call him tomorrow so we will. We will see what he suggests.

2nd time donating her hair

The painting Addyson drew for the motility fund gala

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