Sibo again

Randy and I received a call today for addysons gi. They are treating her again for Sibo. She just had this in August and October 😞. She hates the meds for Sibo. He also said her X-ray from Wednesday is not where it should be. We are back to everyday flushes with pumping golytly at night. It’s craziness that this is where we are. This was not the plan when 18months ago we were told get a resection and a cecostomy, flush once a day and you will be good. That’s definitely not the case. If only we had known. However at the end of the day I do agree that this surgery has made it less colon to fight with and a tube to push the flush. However she keeps throwing up, gets distended, and is just tired of this. I’m sorry addyson. Daddy and I are asking for a better protocol. We really are

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