All with the help of our psychologist

Today addyson met with her psychologist again. We talked a lot about her upcoming surgery. This is a big surgery. Her psychologist showed her pictures, came up with a list of Addyson’s questions for her team and we came up with a set of reminders for those days when having an ostomy caused a bump in the road (bag leakage/blowout, stoma revisions, etc). We talked about how it is her job and our job on those days to stay positive and remember that this is a bump and we can get over the bump by using our positive thoughts.

We talked about how to tell her brother. She said he doesn’t need all the information. Basically explain how long he will be staying with others while she’s impatient and how she will have a bag and look different. She said keep it very simple.

She said addyson is ready. They talked about how it might not be a perfect fix but that any percentage of improvement is improvement. How one bad day doesn’t equal always bad. She said addyson is smart and very much ready.

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