Upcoming surgical info, visitation info and items she might need

We have had lots of people asking questions about what they can do to help us.

The biggest thing is just be there for us. This is new for us. We don’t know that much about life with an ostomy so we are learning as we go

Teach your kids about ostomies and kids with differences.

Please ask if it’s a good day before just showing up. We have no idea how this stay is going to be.

Lots of people have been asking if we need anything. There are a few items she really needs/wants to help her continue her activities post surgery and to be comfortable while doing so. Below are some pictures and websites of the items she is requesting


Also for hospital life any gas / food/ parking gift cards are always appreciated. No soda (unless it’s caffeine free) or chocolate. She also was promised some new swim suits after surgery so we can see how they fit

Figured this might help since we have been getting lots of questions about items.

Thank each and everyone of you. 💕

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