Cheer practice post surgery

Addyson participated in her first practice post surgery. She did good. She remembered all her spots for her cheer competition this weekend. The girls are going to NATIONALS!!! 💙

Addyson even went to practice like this:

I am so glad she is so confident! Even on a day when everything with the bag went wrong she is still smiling. She reminds me to keep smiling through the craziness.

Tomorrow she has a full day of appointments at Hopkins. Fingers crossed they pull her fistula tube. That will make life much easier.

She told me her stomach hasn’t hurt since she got the ilestomy and that her hip doesn’t hurt since the nerve block. It was hard to hear that the team had done all they could and that they had exhausted all options but I know this surgery was needed.

Life with an ostomy has not been without issues but we will learn and adjust.

Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, checked in and sent gifts. We are still having a few people ask how they can help. We have learned that belts and covers are what we need. Below is the link to a few that she finds comfortable

As always

Thank you.

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