1st cheer comp post surgery

Addyson did it…..she made it through day 1 of the 2 day cheer comp. It’s NATIONALS!!! We are exactly 12 days post surgery for her ilestomy and she’s back to cheer and on day 15 she will return to school full time. She is caught up on her school work from being out and her home teacher came out and said she’s right on track to rejoin the classroom.

The past two days have involved a lot of swimming and with all the recent bag issues we were TERRIFIED but guess what we figured it out. She needs the bag systems with the fabric wafers and we have to use adhesive glue and heat then with a dryer. For swimming the sure seals work great for her and for protecting the wafer so it can stay on. This is huge considering she swims a lot over the summer!

she had no leaks today (she was very afraid of having one on the mat) and she did her whole performance. Today we will take this win. As after this week it’s a HUGE win!!!

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