Emotional day

Wow what a crazy busy emotional day. We had lots of appointments at Hopkins today then had to rush to Addysons softball game. We made it with one minute to spare and she got a hit. We found out an admission is in her near future. This will be to try to find out the root of the dehydration issue. I truly love Addyson’s psychologist. She is just as helpful for us as she is for Addyson. She said the drinking issue is not psychological or just plain refusal. She said addyson does not want the ng tube and doesn’t want to require medical intervention for hydration so there is more to the root of this. She is going to talk to the Gi team. Addyson got her new ng tube inserted today and we did her monthly lab work. I think addyson did amazing with getting her ng inserted. It used to take many nurses to hold her down for it. We are Hoping to know more over the next few days.

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