Surgical clinic appointment

Overall today’s appointment was what we expected. He looked at her stoma. He talked about hydration. We discussed the fistula and bag issues. Her skin looks amazing now that a bag has stuck for two days!!!

Addysons fistula has completely closed up. This is not what he wanted but for now we will leave it be. It was there so we could irrigate the colon of need be.

He reminded addyson that she needs to drink.

He agreed that we should try mt Washington or kki’s feeding clinic for hydration.

We got some abnormal results on her blood drawl yesterday with her platelets so we are still working through that.

We made a Gi appointment with dr Boyle in May and are going to go ahead and see CHOP’s hematologist while we are there. Second opinions never hurt, right. Addyson has seen dr Boyle a bunch of times but not since her surgery so we will see what recommendations he has.

Overall pretty regular appointment for her when it comes to clinic appointments with her surgeon

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