Quiet week

Overall it is a quiet week for the kids. Ethen had his monthly Mt. Washington appointment Monday and Addyson had her psychology appointment Tuesday. Besides that, no other appointments this week. We spent some family time the other night decorating her ostomy bags.

Next week we go back to chop to see how Addyson is doing with the nj tube and the new medicine. We are prepping our questions and trying to prepare for whatever plan he may give. There are only a few options. We leave things as they are for a little longer or we move forward with a g/j. I don’t really see any other options but maybe they have something. She is still having stomach pain but we are trying to see if we can find the link to the pain. She is also complaining of headaches and blurred vision. This is a side effect of the medication so hopefully we can maybe just adjust the dosage.

Our goal is to work on getting her treatment plan established for school.

Bike to the beach for autism is coming up for us (aug 2nd). We will bike from Baltimore to Delaware to raise awareness for autism. The kids love supporting this event every year.

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