Eye appointment

Why is nothing simple. Both kids need new glasses. Addysons eye pressure is very high. Outside of normal range. The eye dr asked how long has Addyson been on some of her meds. I said since birth. She said that she truly believes a few of Addysons medications could be the reason for the eye pressure issue. At this point the damage is done. Now we watch closely and monitor.

Ethens eyes have improved with the help of glasses and patching. Thank goodness because she said that last year even with a strong script we only got Ethen corrected to 20/40. She said this year due to the eye therapy we were able to go with a weaker script and he’s corrected to 20/25. She did tell him that if he doesn’t keep up with the eye therapy then his weak eye will easily drop back to being an issue.

The kids picked out there new glasses and tomorrow we go to chop for Addysons gi follow up.

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