Chop day 1

Today we saw Addysons rheumatologist at chop. He was very nice and wants us to consider switching out her fever meds and seeing what happens. I told him we will take a few days to research and weigh the options then we will get back to him. He said ok.

Then we went to the liberty bell and to the u.s. mint. Tomorrow we are going to do more sight seeing before her afternoon appointment (gi). Hope for a weight gain 🤞

We went to the pool and met the nicest couple. The husband also travels two hrs each way to see his team of doctors here. He let Addyson listen to his mechanical heart valve and he was telling Addyson how he has restored light to the Statue of Liberty. She told him how the Statue of Liberty is her favorite. The couple talked to us for a few hours. They were so sweet. The nicest people always come into our lives at the right time

We are so happy to hear Addysons stoma sister is going home. It’s the best news we got in days!!!! We are so happy for her!

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