She lost weight — we will keep trying

She lost weight. Her pediatrician isn’t stressing over the loss. Gi on the other hand won’t be happy but we are trying to have her gain it’s just so hard.

We also talked to him about lots of other things. He agrees that she should have formal testing for add on-top of her anxiety diagnosis. He agrees that she has medical ptsd. He said we just need to keep pushing her therapies to help her heal from the trauma. Treatment to help her heal from trauma is just as important as helping her heal from a surgery.

We did talk about normal kid anxiety and focusing issues vs the need for more supports. He fully supports her current diagnosis and agrees that we should test for the additional one.

I feel like we have done a good job at trying to help her through the anxiety and working hard with her therapist. He agrees that if it’s our normal kid anxiety then psychologist aren’t having to be seeked. He commended us on the fact that we didn’t keep delaying her seeing one as she has been working with one for over a year now. He said you all know your child and your gut is spot on.

He did say her excessive night sweating should be brought up to her rheumatologist. He said it also is a known side effect for one of her meds but he doesn’t want her pulled off that one yet although he would love to one day get her off some of these meds. He said we can hope right. I said sure thing.

He filled. out her paperwork for home hospital teaching again so let’s hope that gets approved. He also filled out all the forms needed for her to take her meds at school.

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