6 months post surgery

In the past 6 months since Addyson’s surgery she has learned a lot. She has taken the adjustments to her routine in stride. 

  • she has learned her food restrictions
  • she has learned all her medication changes
  • she has learned all about her ostomy  (type of ostomy, size of stoma) 
  • she has learned which ostomy supplies she is allergic to
  • she has learned how to care for her skin / skin break down
  • she can identify a leak before it gets really bad
  • she has had a NG inserted
  • she has had her NG dislodged and reinserted a few times
  • she pulled her NG when we moved to the NJ
  • she helped us face our fear of reinserting the NG – we all stayed calm, and reinserted it without an issue.
  • She returned to school with a feeding tube
  • she has worked really hard on her hydration goals. 
  • she has learned how to do her bag changes all by herself
  • she has faced multiple hospital stays that were mutliple days long
  • she has attended many outpatient appiontments 
  • she has returned to tumbling and even gained new skills! 
  • she has enjoyed the pool this summer – a huge fear we had
  • she has taught her brother how to help with her bag changes – we were unsure how he would take all of this. But she has guided him through it all.
  • she has embraced all the changes as well as we could have expected 
She still has a long way to go – but we are so PROUD of what she has learned in 6 months! She met the new school nurse and she was able to provide the run down on her diagnoses, treatment plans, and emergency plans if needed. 
We appreciate all the support through everything!!!

Here are some pictures from her surgery day

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