Crazy week

We had a crazy week this past week. Between doctors appointments, back to school night, sports practices and more. some of her cheer friends decorated bags for her. She loved it. And guess what. We got a bag to stick for multiple days!!!!

Addyson had a few possible seizures Thursday night. I sent videos or the episode to her neurologist who sent it to the epilepsy clinic who said they will see her Thursday.

Friday we saw Addysons psychologist to talk over some last minute school plans. She saw me at my worst. I had a mini panic attack when we arrived at the hospital for the appointment. I think all the emotions kicked in. It just all hit full force. Her psychologist was amazing. She talked to me for over an hr. We talked about what things we could off load because currently we just aren’t at the level of keeping up with everything. She agreed to talk to the team about a few of our biggest concerns so we can breathe a little.

Saturday Addyson had her first game of the season to cheer for. She got overheated during the game and we ended up having to leave early.

Today Ethen had his second golf qualifier. It went good. He did ok. He’s ready for states in September. We found a lady bug in our car and the kids have fun rolling down a huge hill at the golf course.

This week coming up the kids start school Tuesday, Ethen has a drs appointment Wednesday and Addyson has neuro Thursday.

Saturday the kids have their second best day FOUNDATION SURF EVENT and they are super excited. It’s always a great event.

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