Neuro tomorrow

I love to see how happy Addysons tumbling coach is when she does so well. He shares in the excitement. He’s been working with her for so long! She’s getting there.

Below are the links to some videos of her working on her back walkovers today.

Tomorrow morning we have neuro. I also spoke to the epilepsy clinic and they want an eeg done. So far she is scheduled for 1 oct but that may change depending on tomorrow’s appointment. I have to say I am a tad nervous. I really thought they would watch the video and say nope not a seizure. This isn’t the case. They referred to the epilepsy clinic who reviewed the video and said no we need to see her so we go tomorrow. Hopefully they have a plan and we can get everything figured out quickly.

Ethen had his Mt. Washington appointment today. Minor med change but besides that it went well.

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