EEG update

We received Addyson’s EEG report. The impression is below. 

IMPRESSION: The EEG is abnormal in the awake/sleep states due to an isolated burst of diffuse, irregular, spike-and-wave with bifrontal predominance. This suggests seizures from a primary generalized mechanism, or a focal onset with rapid bilateral synchronization.   
We are still waiting to hear from her NEUROLOGIST on what this all means. Is she truly having seizures while sleeping? Why is her EEG abnormal even in the wake state? What do we do next? 

We are so glad Addyson’s Neurologist was able to get the EEG done so quickly. We were told up to two weeks for results so I’m not sure what it means that they got the results to us the same day. Hopefully he has a plan. Hopefully he can help us understand if this is truly a one off issue for her, or does it some how interconnect with her other central nervous system issues. 

Parents:  TRUST YOUR GUT!!!!   We had a feeling something wasn’t right, we acted on it, and our instincts were right. 😦 You know your child – You know what’s normal for them and what isn’t.  This isn’t the 1st time Randy and I have had a gut feeling on something and been correct. We usually stick to our guts and do the testing, but I find it so easy to let others into my head – I start to 2nd guess my instint. I start to think maybe she really is fine this time – maybe this really is normal. Don’t do it parents… your instinct. 

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