Surgical appointment

We met with a new surgeon today. We really liked him. He said her pectus excavatum is something we should monitor and around 11 we can do a ct scan to really good a good look at it and then plan to address/fix between 11-13.

He said her ileostomy prolapse should be addressed. He said his worry is that if we don’t fix the prolapse and that bowel gets injured then we have a world of problems. He said it’s pretty easy to fix in its current state and wouldn’t require more than a night or two inpatient as long as her bowels respond nicely. We are still discussing our options and dates to figure out our next step.

He was so very kind to Addyson. He was so gentle and polite with her. He asked me what concerns we had. He even said email me if you think of more questions once you leave!!!! What how amazing!

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