Gi on call=NG tube is back

So Addyson had a rough day with output. Like less than 200 a day. Very thick and straight green (bile). Talked to gi on call. She went through all the questions.

  • When was ostomy done
  • How has her intake been
  • What’s her output
  • How’s her stoma color
  • Has she had an NG before
  • Do you know how to drop the line (put an NG in) etc etc

The on call dr ended up telling us to drop a line. I had to go search for the extra one while Addyson was crying saying no no no. She heard the conversation with the dr on call and she wasn’t happy. The on call dr said this very well could be a gi bug but every time she gets a gi bug w her ostomy she ends up dehydrated. The on call dr said we were already there with the output type color and amount. She said if she tolerate NG overnight and output doesn’t improve then we are to come in to check for a surgical issue (stoma related). We know her stoma is prolapsed but it’s being monitored daily and scheduled to be fixed soon.

I have to say inserting an NG on your daughter never gets easier. Watching a spouse insert an NG on her is just as hard. It never gets easier. And the first thing she said is I’m worried about kids saying they don’t want to see my face and cheer. She said she’s already upset about having to go to school and practice with it. The anxiety and trauma these kids go through is not fair. It shouldn’t have to happen.

We told her how proud we are that she lets us insert at home and we don’t have to go in for it. I know it’s still traumatizing though even though she lets us do it. There is still psychological repercussions that follow 🙁.

2 thoughts on “Gi on call=NG tube is back

  1. My God😔I am SO Sorry this is happening. I can’t imagine having to insert an ng tube in my son. To this day he has to drink tons of water daily to stay hydrated. GI issues always put him in the hospital for dehydration. Addyson is absolutely a trooper. Having you and your husband for parents I’m sure gives her needed strength when she runs low…and of course , our kids help us through when we feel helpless. 🌻 Stay the course…there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs to all. ❤️


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