Visited a friend today

today Addyson and I went and visited friends. The girls were super cute. They ended up with matching NG heart stickers. Addyson was so patient and calm with Savannah. She asked her which craft, do you need help? How can I help? Etc. she gave her room to try but was there if she needed something. These girls have such big hearts. They care so much for their friends. While Savannah took a nap Addyson talked to amy (her mom). She talked about her NG and her ostomy and school and cheer. She said she doesn’t want to go to school this week. She doesn’t want kids to make fun of her. She doesn’t have many friends at school.

It’s so hard to hear. Look we know all kids go through these cycles and we know girls are clickie but today I watched my daughter love. I watched her support a friend. Provide assistance to a friend.

I know that she should be able to just let the things kids say roll off of her chest. That she should be proud. She should just say I need it. But she takes everything to heart. I just hope kids are nice tomorrow. She cried saying she didn’t want to go to picture day Thursday. She doesn’t want pictures with her ng. I wish she saw the brave strong we see. We talked about her shirt and how it’s okay to be nervous but pushing forward even while nervous is what makes her strong. She said okay I’ll go to picture day. Fingers crossed she will remember her strength

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