She’s starting to feel better

Miss Addyson has spent the day receiving IV fluids, antibiotics and more. Her Bp is stabilizing so that’s good. Her gi team rounded this morning which didn’t go as planned. Luckily the gi resident as been good and went and spoke with the team and now we have a plan.

Addyson met another little girl named Addyson at Hopkins who also has an NG tube.

She enjoyed getting to see savannah some today which has been a huge help (for both girls I think).

Addyson is missing her friend Sofia who is also in the hospital. We hope she can go home soon

Ethen, mom mom and pop pop got to come up tonight and visit for a while. Addyson cried earlier that she was missing Ethen.

All of this and its only 6:20pm. We are running on 2hrs of sleep in 24 hrs.

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