so glad Addyson was able to trick or treat this year. Two years ago she was just healing from surgery.

We have no appointments tomorrow or next week so that’s a nice break and definitely needed.

Addyson is finished her flagyl protocol so now we wait to see how long it takes for the sibo to return since it tends to be reoccurring for her. Hopefully we can get a little bit of a break.

The month of November has a few appointments all psych related. She will have her 8hr neuro psych test at the end of the month and a few more psychology and psychiatry appointments. We are really trying to help her move forward with the right tools for her anxiety. We know a lot of the tools from Ethens therapy but medical trauma is different and requires a few different approaches. The adhd we are used too and we don’t let her use it as a crutch but we try to remember to provide reminders as needed since her mind wanders.

Her cardiologist wants her watch on her as much as possible since it tracks her heart rate so we will have that information and we can link it to these autonomic dysfunction episodes she is having.

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