Chop surgeon appointment

Today we drove and drove and drove it seemed. Traffic coming home just wasn’t moving.

Addysons appointment went well. Surgery and gi actually work together which is amazing. The surgeon put some tool into Addysons stoma to check the stitching. He said he’s happy with the stitches. He doesn’t think it will prolapse past a certain point. He said if it does or if it turns black then get her in. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen

He said that if we can ever get rid of the ileostomy (hopefully one day) then he said he is fine w us going back to cecostomy before going to nothing. This isn’t happening anytime soon but good food for thought. He said we would have to redo test to see if the defecation issue is better. If not then a reversal won’t be successful.

The surgeon said he knows that these kids have trauma and that an ileostomy usually gives them their life back so he understands her worry about reversing. He also understands that we can be excited and want a reversal and still be really nervous. He was so good with understanding the fears.

Addyson has an eye issue going on and now a odd rash so it looks like she might need another appointment Tomorrow

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