Rough hours

The past 20some hours have been harder than normal. Addyson was just not herself yesterday. Between complaining of pain, sleeping a lot and just not her chipper personality. Then she started vomiting. Her gi and surgeon said they saw via the xray that nothing was moving not even air. We immediately started the bowel rest protocol. It’s never easy but we know the drill by now. In the middle of the night we attempted some water to see if anything was better well she just threw it right up. This has continued for hrs. I just gave this mornings meds to see if she can keep down her daily meds. She didn’t keep last nights down. We can’t have her miss two many doses of her clinical trial meds or anti seizure meds. We do here the air finally starting to make its way out through her ostomy so hopefully things will start to improve. It’s always a guessing game with miss Addyson. Dehydration and needed meds are our biggest fear especially with the autonomic dysfunction.

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