Long day

Here is what we know so far:

  • We can go home with Meds
  • We need to work really hard to keep her hydrated because her heart rate and kidneys didn’t react well at all this time.
  • Her small bowel is very dilated.
  • She had ekg, all of today’s meds giving through IV.
  • She got multiple boluses of fluids
  • Got xray
  • Got Labs and urine checked
  • Got stool cultures too but they take 5 days to come back.

He said a gi bug most likely is the culprit of starting the issues. She’s still pretty miserable. What is a 24 hour bug to others wipes her out for a week or more. We know this. The same thing happened in March. We ended up inpatient for 7 days.

Addyson was so kind to the drs and nurses today even though she was downright miserable. She told me on the way there that she didn’t want to go because it’s just not fair. She just wants to be a normal kid. I totally understand what she means and it’s a valid feeling but I told her girlie your far beyond normal. Your grace and compassion is wiser than even some adults. We will tackle this as a family.

Hoping we can keep her hydrated and stable!

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