Today Ethen got to skate w/ Alex Ovechkin!!! Always a super fun day for him. Thanks mom & dad for taking him! Thanks Saints Coaches for always helping him through the events! It definitely does take a village. 

Randy and I went to HOPKINS for Addyson’s Neuropsych feedback. It went as we expected. Lots of info, some hard to hear, but each piece helps us form a plan to better assist her (both at home and school).  We will work to switch her 504 to an IEP since she was diagnosed with a learning disability. We will also work with the school psychologist to put tools in place to better help the anxiety.

She was diagnosed with three anxiety disorders: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder and Anxiety of Specific Phobias.

We know that many kids worry about storms, bugs, school, etc. This is why we needed the NEUROPSYCH exam. The team needed to be able to drawl the line between ADHD and anxiety. They needed to see if the anxiety is triggering ADHD symptoms. We needed to see if we were looking at just one Anxiety syndrome, or more than one. Now, we have a clear understanding of where we are with her anxiety. We definetly see how they saw each of the three. The learning disability piece was a little bit of a surprise, yet we expected something. 

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